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You don’t govern alone. We offer training, services, and resources for newly elected and experienced elected officials.


Online Learning

LELA can bring the classroom to you. Through a variety of videos, online conferences, modules, and podcast episodes, elected officials can gain in depth knowledge and insight about the issues and challenges they face in their daily life. Designed to be easy to process and apply to real-life scenarios, LELA’s variety of online resources will become a trusted source of information for you and your board.

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Facilitation of board Retreats

CPLG helps the leaders of cities, counties, and other local or regional government units to conduct board retreats.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic leadership provides clear priorities to guide your organization, helps you to allocate resources to pursue those priorities, and provides a means to assess your progress toward implementation and results.

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The Local Government Board Builders series offers local elected leaders practical advice on how to effectively lead and govern. Each of the booklets in this series provides a topic overview, and many offer specific tips on effective practice, worksheets, and reflection questions to help local elected leaders improve their work. The series focuses on common activities for local governing boards, such as selecting and appointing committees and advisory boards, planning for the future, making better decisions, improving board accountability, and effectively engaging stakeholders in public decisions.