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The Local Elected Leaders Academy knows the life of an elected official is fast paced and dynamic. Our online resources provide a variety of options to help elected leaders keep up with the continuously changing challenges of their roles. From quick videos that take a few minutes, to podcasts that dive into daily life, our variety of online resources are as unique as the work done by local elected officials in our state.

COVID-19 Resources for Local Elected Leaders

The Center for Public Leadership and Governance wants to support local elected leaders through the acute needs of the immediate COVID response effort, and help them to guide their communities through the longer-term complex challenges of post-COVID recovery and renewal.  CPLG is pleased to share this curated list of free on-demand COVID-related resources for local elected officials.  The list will be updated regularly to reflect upcoming offerings.

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Top 10 Primers

Using Zoom technology, these unique sessions are recorded live with School of Government faculty to cover the top 10 topics elected officials need to understand in order effectively govern. As we move through each of the topics, participants can watch live and interact with the content by asking questions, or can access recorded versions to be viewed at a later date.

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Minutes 2 Learn It

Each episode of this animated series covers topics important for elected officials to understand early in their first terms in office. These videos are designed to be short but insightful while providing answers that leaders will carry with them throughout their tenure.

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A Day in the Life

This podcast consists of 10 to 15 minute audio recordings from School of Government faculty focused on topics that elected officials face in their daily life.

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From Campaigning to Governing: Online Modules

These in-depth lessons help newly elected officials navigate the most common challenges and projects they will tackle during their time in office.

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