County and Municipal elected officials are a core audience for the Center for Public Leadership and Governance.  We provide a range of programs and courses to assure that newly-elected local leaders are prepared to move from campaigning to governing.  We also provide on-going programs for experienced elected leaders who strive to understand better the complex relationships, collaborations, and partnerships required to govern effectively.  At the advanced level of leadership, we offer the Advanced Leadership Corps, our flagship residential leadership program.

Significant funding for the Local Elected Leaders Academy is provided through the generosity of the Local Government Federal Credit Union, the NC Association of County Commissioners, and Prudential.


Local Elected Leaders Academy

The Local Elected Leaders Academy (LELA) is one of the core components of the Center for Public Leadership and Governance.  LELA helps county and municipal elected officials prepare to lead strategically, act collaboratively, and think creatively.  Through a wide array of workshops, programs, and courses, CPLG faculty link with School of Government faculty to provide guidance and instruction that helps boards of county commissioners and municipal councils effectively respond to their governing issues and challenges.


Essentials of Municipal Government/Essentials of County Government 

Following the November elections each year, CPLG and School of Government faculty collaborate with the statewide municipal and county government organizations to jointly develop and deliver a two-day course of instruction for the newly-elected officials on the essential laws and practice of their respective local government units.  The “Essentials” courses, offered regionally in the months immediately following the elections, focus on the basic functions of elected county and municipal boards that are most critical to effective governance.


Advanced Leadership Corps

The Advanced Leadership Corps (ALC) is an intensive leadership development program for combined municipal and county elected officials.  ALC is a six-day residential program held annually that helps participants understand their leadership behaviors and practices, and gain insights into how to work effectively with their boards, citizens, other community leaders, and regional and state officials and organizations.  Participants are chosen through a competitive application process that involves the statewide local government organizations in the application and selection process.