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As elected and appointed leaders in your community, you:

  • set vision and direction for your community and organization;
  • convene others who can influence the future; and
  • model strategic leadership so other organizations can lend their efforts to a shared vision.

Often this work begins with a one to two day retreat to identify priorities and set direction. CPLG helps the leaders of cities, counties, and other local or regional government units to design, plan, and conduct retreats.

Contact us to discuss your needs or seek an experienced facilitator.

Should you decide not to engage a facilitator, see our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) page for step-by-step information about planning, organizing, and facilitating your own retreats.

Getting What You Want from Your Retreat

Potential Retreat Purposes

Intended Outcome or Result

Strategic Planning for Organization- Mission, vision, values, and broad goals
- Organizational plan setting priorities for the near future (3-5 years)
Initiating Community Visioning Processes- Shared vision for your community's future
- Community vision and priorities for achieving long-term goals (10-20 years)
Setting Budget Priorities- Determine funding priorities for annual (or capital) budget
Developing Policy Priorities- Establish priorities for policy development or revision in the coming year
Program Review and Evaluation- Evaluate effectiveness and/or efficiency of programs and services
Improving Working Relationships- Establish common expectations for working with others
Specialized Onsite Training Plus Facilitated Discussion- Variable depending on your team's needs


  1. Complete our short retreat intake form. Your summary answers will help us to understand your needs and guide initial discussions.
  2. We’ll contact you to discuss options, see how we can support you, or help you find someone who can.
  3. If we decide to work together on your retreat, we’ll formalize our cooperation via a simple service agreement, including objectives and budget (see our price guidelines)
  4. Your assigned facilitator will work directly with you and your team to design, facilitate, and follow up on your planned retreat.
  5. Our Business Office will invoice you for the services after they are completed.
  6. We’ll keep in touch to see how things are going.