Governmental agencies often have unique needs that require customized solutions.  The Center for Public Leadership and Governance offers a wide array of individually-designed services for elected bodies, management teams, departments, and community groups.  Using our specialized expertise in public leadership, we develop programming designed to meet your specific needs and delivered on-site in your location.

We work with clients based on their unique goals, resources, and capacity. Your specific needs are central to what we do, which is why we offer a range of ways you can engage with us:

  • Create your own process or event using our online resources.
  • Invite a School of Government faculty member to give a presentation to or facilitate a discussion for your organization or group on a particular topic.
  • Co-create learning objectives with us and share in the responsibilities of designing and executing the work done.

Design your own:

  • Elected board retreats

  • Citizen engagement
    • Citizens Academies (citizens academy curriculum design and handbook, case studies, national research, etc.)

  • Civic Education materials

Customized consulting services:

  • Development of strategic vision, long and short term work plans, or budget priorities

  • Defining philosophies, goals, strategies, e.g., economic development or governing boards

  • Resolving public disputes

  • Retreats on a variety of topics, e.g., leadership, communication, positive problem solving


  • Facilitating discussions of all kinds, e.g., governing boards, leadership teams, cross sector or regional groups

  • Personalized coaching options

Related School of Government Resources:

  • Local Government Workplace Initiative – helps local governments gather employee input on decisions that affect them, on organizational climate, and on workplace improvements
  • NCImpact – Provides civic leaders across the state with sound data, high quality research, and rigorous analysis; works closely with policymakers and other leaders to share evidence-based insightsand creative policy options for responding to the most important questions they face; and enhances leaders’ understanding of innovative practices in North Carolina, across the U.S., and around the world.