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This section of the School of Government’s online resources on dispute resolution provides a brief introduction to general dispute resolution web-based and listserv resources.

Thanks to James Boskey, professor at Seton Hall Law School. He edited The Alternative Newsletter and was a walking, friendly compendium of a wide range of resources in the alternative dispute resolution field until his death in 1999.

Conflict resolution with a peace and religious focus

A. Eastern Mennonite University’s conflict resolution resources page.

“Public participation” or “Public involvement” are related to public conflict resolution. See the Public Involvement Network, sponsored by the International Association for Public Participation.

Academic Resources in Conflict Resolution: Higher Education and K-12

A. US universities supported by the Hewlett Foundation for conflict resolution research
B. Campus-based mediation programs
C. Conflict Resolution in Education Net (CREnet)

Other National and International Resources

A. Mediation Information Resource Center-a fine, comprehensive commercial site
B. American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution
C. ADR Resources-an eclectic list: individual ADR providers, peacemaking resources, etc.
D. Resource list of the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution

Three items of interest for Summer/Fall 2000 (updated 4/15/15)

  1. The CREnet/SPIDR Annual Conference, September 14-16, 2000. The listing of sessions shows a good array of issues and topics.
  2. CRinfo is under development to be a wide-ranging entry point for the conflict resolution field.