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City of Roxboro: engaged with council and staff to create a first-ever strategic plan, including choosing an approach; designing and facilitating agendas for work sessions with Council, manager, and staff; writing plan content; conducting focus groups to involve others in the plan’s creation; working with department heads to operationalize and then update the plan

Orange County Public Library: worked with library management team to adapt and revise a first-ever draft plan to effectively incorporate the community’s feedback and create a plan that fit Orange County’s needs, produce a clear, workable plan, and operationalize the plan with the management team and staff.

“The School of Government staff challenged us in our efforts to complete our Final plan. The Library leadership team was pushed to consider and then create clear and definable priorities and steps, which are measurable. We got rid of the fuzzy language and worked tirelessly to create a plan that reflected our organizations vision and could be implemented in our daily operations.” Andrea F. Tullos, Assistant Library Director, Orange County Public Library

Chapel Hill 2020: helped frame the visioning process, provided guidance to the town (related to meeting design, on-site facilitation of large group and cross-group conversations, and coaching for facilitators and citizen-led theme groups), and offered an analysis of their public participation aspects.

“The School of Government has offered thoughtful guidance based on their experience and research which has helped us reach beyond the “usual” into practices that broadened our community engagement efforts. By helping us then evaluate and understand the impacts of our efforts, we are continuing to improve and strengthen our work.” Mary Jane Nirdlinger, Director of Policy and Strategic Initiatives, Town of Chapel Hill

North Carolina State Highway Patrol: designed N.C. State Highway Patrol’s planning process using an assets-based approach and facilitated a series of face-to-face meetings with organization-wide leadership team in order to develop the framework of the organization’s plan.

“Utilization of university outreach programs provides an invaluable resource through which to promote and achieve organizational success. The resulting partnership and collaboration between SHP Research & Planning and the staff of the Strategic Public Leadership Initiative proved instrumental in developing an appropriate framework through which the Patrol’s Strategic Planning Group could determine its strategic direction and define the goal setting priorities for the organization’s 2011-13 Strategic Plan.” Captain John C. Ivarsson, North Carolina State Highway Patrol, Unit Commander – Research & Planning Unit

Wilson 2020: advised and assisted in the formation of community-wide visioning processes’, governance structure, and community engagement strategies. Provided on-site work with the planning and steering committees to craft a community vision, mission, goals, and objectives.

Orange County Chief’s Association (OCCA): worked with the OCCA, a nonprofit coalition representing fire and rescue chiefs serving Orange County, to conduct field interviews, design and facilitate several retreats to gather input and reactions from the association members , draft goals and objectives, and co-create the final plan.

“SPLI’s professionalism, support and guidance were superior. During the planning sessions, Lydian and Jake kept everyone focused and on track for the tasks that needed to be completed and at the same time fostered a relaxed atmosphere that was appreciated by all. Using this plan, the emergency services system will make some positive changes that will enhance the service levels of the emergency response agencies to the residents of Orange County.” Mike Tapp, Fire Chief, New Hope Fire Department

UNC-Chapel Hill Friday Center: facilitated the Friday Center’s strategic planning process and engaged UNC executive leadership, the Friday Center administrative board and leadership team, and all Friday Center staff.

“Lydian Altman and Betsy Joseph were vital to our strategic plan. It’s always helpful to have professional facilitators who can keep your team focused and moving forward through the strategic planning process. Lydian and Betsy knew when to pause and let the group reflect, and when to give us a gentle nudge. The end result was a multi-year Friday Center strategic plan that not only defines and articulates our goals but also serves as a strategic and motivational guide.” Robert Bruce, PhD, Director, The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education