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With the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID – 19), North Carolina’s local public leaders face numerous and complex leadership challenges. City and county managers, elected officials, first-line responders, departmental directors, and other local government leaders are being called on to unify their teams remotely, redesign service delivery systems, define new roles for staff, and coordinate unprecedented response efforts across entrenched political divides – all while confronting the immense personal challenges of the pandemic. Supporting these public leaders has never been more important.

The Center for Public Leadership and Governance wants to support leaders through the acute needs of the immediate COVID response effort and help local government teams to navigate the longer-term complex challenges of post-COVID recovery and renewal.

During the immediate crisis, the Leadership Amid Crisis webinar series is intended to support the well-being, resilience and effectiveness of leaders, their teams, and communities. Brief sessions deliver focused information followed by a facilitated topical discussion, linked to on-line resources.

Since early April 2020 CPLG has offered three topical webinars:

  1. Calming in Critical Moments (Patrick Jeffs)
  2. Strategies for Stress Management: Working and Living Better in Uncertain Times (Korrel Kanoy)
  3. Budget-Balancing Tactics in a Time of Crisis (David Ammons, Rob Shepherd, and Carl Stenberg)

Information on how to access these free Leadership Amid Crisis webinar videos, along with slides and notes from each session can be found below.  Feel free to share these webinars with others in your organization that might benefit from the content. They could serve as great conversation starters with your leadership teams, departments, or staff members.

Budget-Balancing Tactics in a Time of Crisis

Join the discussion with UNC School of Government’s local government budgeting expert David Ammons and co-presenters Carl Stenberg and Rob Shepherd as they consider the budget balancing lessons from the 2009-2010 recession, explore which of the tactics used then might apply to our current times, review some of the advice being offered now, and hear from NC managers what tactics you plan to employ to balance your local government budget for FY 20-21. See the link to register and receive the on demand webinar video link HERE.   Slides from the webinar can be found HERE. The full February 2010 Ammons and Fleck research paper, Budget-Balancing Tactics in Local Government can be found HERE.

Managing Stress During Covid-19: Working and Living better in Uncertain Times

Dr. Korrel Kanoy, Senior Partner of Developmental Associates, along with The North Carolina City and County Management Association and UNC School of Government’s Center for Public Leadership and Governance want to provide Municipal and County Managers ideas for managing stress effectively while continuing to be productive. Even if you have heard some of these ideas before, it can be helpful to have a real-time reminder to reinforce what you already know and to remind you of the things you can do to manage your stress. fine-tune your own coping skills—it will be helpful for you, your organization, your family, and ultimately for your community. See the link to watch this webinar HERE. Slides from the webinar can be found HERE.

Resiliency: Calming in Critical Moments

Dr. Patrick Jeffs, Founder and CEO of The Resiliency Solution offers pillars for success in how to manage sustained high stress, think more clearly, be more emotionally resilient, and remain physically strong. The information and insights will be practical and applicable — right now. See the link to watch this webinar HERE. Slides from the webinar can be found HERE. A resource takeaway from the discussion can be found HERE.