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Interested in applying for an organizational scholarship?  Review the steps below.

1) Check the list of Golden LEAF Foundation qualifying counties to see if your local government is eligible. If YES….

2) Check the list of minimum criteria to see if your training need qualifies. If YES

3) Contact us to request an preliminary information template (1 page only), complete the form and return it via email.

4) Someone from the CPLG management team will reach out (generally within one week) to confirm whether organizational scholarships funding is currently available, and to schedule a short conversation. During this conversation we will…

    • verify that you meet the minimum criteria,
    • ask some questions to better understand your needs and training objectives;
    • discuss potential fit with our organizational scholarship priorities;
    • determine whether we have a faculty member who could be available to support the training,
    • summarize current funding availability.

If needed, we may schedule a follow-up conversation with additional faculty subject matter experts.  Pending agreement on the above points, you will move on to step 5.

5) Complete a summary, one-page application – emphasizing how your application meets one or more of the organizational scholarship priorities listed above. Due to the limited availability of funding, successful applicants will:

    • Demonstrate a clear, concise statement of the training need to be addressed.
    • Articulate specific desired outcomes of the training/support.
    • Be able to offer cost-share for the training (generally 50%, may vary depending on need)
    • Meet multiple organizational scholarship priorities listed above.

6) The CPLG management team will review your application and contact you regarding your application and funding availability.

7) Successful applicants will enter into a Service Agreement with the School of Government Services and be assigned a faculty member to develop and deliver your tailored training or support.

Still have questions? contact us