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Q. Which class is right for me?


LGFCU Fellows


One Day series


I am new to supervising or will soon take on supervisory responsibilities X
I am a leader interested in creating a vision for my department or jurisdiction X
I work in the gap between political feasibility and administrative sustainability X
I am an active and strategic member of the management team X X
I am a technical expert who is moving into a leadership role X
I am new to North Carolina local government  and want to understand the context of government better X
My program is cross department or focused on working with community stakeholders X
I have experience (5 years min) with solid management and leadership skills and am working on developing my community leadership skills X
I was introduced to a leadership topic during a course and I want more information and time to practice skills X
I have taken all the week or longer other leadership programs X X
I am confronting issues of conflict amongst staff and need to better address it X X
I am interested in building a cohort of colleagues across the state who are interested and trained in leadership concepts X X
I want better insight into what motivates people and drives people behavior X X
I need to be able to better diagnose and address common workplace issues X
I need to gain insight into my own management style X X X X
I want to explore leadership classes closer to home X
I need to better understand how I am seen as a leader by those I work with X X X X
I am working on my financial management certification X
I am not a local government official (state, judicial, etc) and am looking for management training X