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Program: ESMP

Effective Supervisory Management Program

New supervisors  or those who want to refine their management and supervisory skills.


Foundational skills critical to effective supervision.

What will I learn from the class?

  • Understand your management style and make it more effective
  • Gain an overview of management and supervisory roles and issues
  • Diagnose problems and analyze difficult interpersonal situations
  • Build teamwork and lead problem-solving efforts
  • Address conflict and strengthen relationships with employees and coworkers
  • Improve listening, communication, and coaching skills
  • Appreciate what it means to work in the public sector and make a contribution to the community

Program: LGFCU Fellows

Leading for Results

Current and emerging leaders in local government.


Personal self-development to become a better organizational and institutional leader in a complex public setting.

What will I learn from the class?

  • Understand the five practices of exemplary leadership.
  • Effectively set a vision and help others engage that vision.
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
  • Recognize how others perceive you as a leader.
  • Develop a leadership plan based on feedback from others.

A set of competencies essential for emerging leaders: communication skills, decision-making skills, civics, change management, and public speaking.

Program: PELA

Public Executive Leadership Academy

Experience in leadership positions and are working in the ‘gap’ between political responsiveness and administrative sustainability.


Working to improve the quality of community life in a complex world that requires working within organizations and across jurisdictions and sectors.

What will I learn from the class?

  • The context of working in the public sector and celebrate the dignity and worth of public service.
  • Your role as a community leader relative to that of elected officials.
  • Utilize and draw on tools to enhance personal resiliency.
  • Use systems thinking to identify and diagnose problems and analyze situations.
  • Cultivate community building, partnerships, and collaborative and innovative problem solving across jurisdictions and sectors.
  • Analyze and frame community issues to determine level and type of stakeholder engagement.
  • Develop and hone listening and communication skills for working in community settings, with governing boards, and with professional staff.
  • Better understand and manage change to improve the quality of life in their communities

Program: ‘One Day’

Public Leadership Series

Open to all public sector professionals, including those working in state government and the judicial branch.


Additional content and opportunity to practice new skills on a variety of leadership topics

Range of topics include:

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Getting Your Message Across
  • Social Media Strategies (I and II)
  • Leading Diverse and Inclusive Teams
  • Working with Advisory Boards and Commissions
  • Leadership Principles with 360 Review
  • Managing Conflict Effectively
  • Understanding Leadership Preferences (MBTI)
  • Strategic Planning for Government Professionals
  • Facilitation Skills for Successful Meetings
  • Leading Change in Governmental Organizations
  • Building and Maintaining a Competitive Workforce