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These are just a few examples of the types of projects that could receive support under the GLF LGTI’s Organizational Scholarships Initiative. Review the scholarship priorities to see if your project might be a good fit.

  • A multi-jurisdictional training program for newly-promoted fire-fighters to help them move into their new responsibilities as supervisors and hiring managers.
  • A series of basic management and leadership modules for all mid-level directors in a small but rapidly growing jurisdiction to give staff the skills to lead their rapidly growing teams.
  • A one-day training on managing a multigenerational workforce for the Police, Fire, EMT, and Public Works departments in a small town to strengthen communication between veteran and newly hired staff.
  • Support for community outreach for a local government launching a new development initiative.
  • A facilitated planning process for a small town’s leadership team to help them prepare for the implications of a DOT project that would shift the location of the nearest interstate exit ramp.