This interactive class series is offered electronically using Zoom technology. You can join from any location where internet access is available at no cost. After the class, you can watch the recordings online.

Top 10 Primer: Financial Responsibilities of Local Elected Officials (April 29, 2020 -10 AM)

Adoption of a county or municipal budget is one of the most important responsibilities of an elected board. For newly elected officials and those in their first terms of office, the budget development process can be challenging. The budget itself is one of the primary tools elected officials have at their disposal to carry out their visions, and it affects the quality of life for all their citizens. The terminology alone can be confusing, and knowing and understanding the statutory underpinning of local government finance and the role of the Local Government Commission is essential.

In this workshop, elected officials will learn about the Local Government Fiscal Control Act, which establishes in law the budget development timeline. You will learn the basic outlines of Fund Balance and Financial Reporting and those additional critical elements of local government budgeting that make up the top ten most important factors to know and understand as you enter the fiscal year budget development season.

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Top 10 Primer: What Elected Officials Need to Know about the Use of Social Media (May 31, 2019)

Do Facebook and Twitter have appropriate places in the world of local elected officials?  What are the Upsides?  What are the Downsides?  What is public? What is private?  How does your use of social media change once the campaign is over and you start governing? The answer to all these questions can be complicated when the people you communicate with live next door, see you in the grocery store, or know where you have lunch every day.

The rules and practicalities of social media use for local elected officials can be confusing and confounding.  In this 75-minute class you’ll learn about some good and bad practices we can help you manage, and improve your awareness of some of the murky areas around free speech and consequences that we are monitoring.

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