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Human Trafficking: Mandated Reporting and Agency Response

This primer explains North Carolina reporting laws as they apply to human
trafficking so that any person can understand when they are required to make
a report, how to make a report, and where the report must be made.


Human Trafficking Commission Standards of Service (2022)

The North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission provides Standards of Service (2022) for the purpose of defining the values and expectations that should guide professional conduct and service provision for any organization in our state that works with victims/survivors of sex or labor trafficking.


Basic Information Handout

Basic Information about Sex and Labor Trafficking, providing examples of how force, fraud, or coercion can show up in trafficking.



Ten Questions about Local Governments: A Primer for Anti–Human Trafficking Advocates

Public Management Bulletin #14

The purpose of this publication is to provide anti–human trafficking advocates basic guidance in navigating city and county governments. Few answers would apply to all jurisdictions about who to contact with questions, or how processes work. Instead, this publication provides generic answers to beginning inquiries to help community advocates better understand government roles, functions, or procedures.



Human Trafficking by Families

Public Management Bulletin #24

The bulletin “Human Trafficking by Families” provides basic information about the dynamics of familial trafficking and advises service professionals to inquire about the possibility of familial sex and/or labor trafficking, to accurately label cases that involve that dynamic, and to encourage our collective learning about and implementation of successful proactive and reactive strategies to alleviate the suffering caused by this crime. Access the bulletin here.