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Each episode is a 10-15-minute recording that describes the trials and tribulations newly elected local officials face each day as they serve their first year in public office. With “first meeting” guidance from incumbent officials, quick tips for sidestepping embarrassing media moments, and other advice, you’ll successfully navigate the potholes of public office.

Episode One: A Day in the Life: Managing Conflict

This episode describes how conflicts arise daily in elected office, and there are respectful ways to manage it. It includes tips from Yadkin County Commissioner Kevin Austin and Morrisville Town Council Member Liz Johnson.

Episode Two: A Day in the Life: Solving Wicked Problems

Faculty member Margaret Henderson provides strategies local elected officials can use to deal with intransigent, cross-cutting problems where no one entity is in charge.

Episode Three: A Day in the Life: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Faculty members Frayda Bluestein and Norma Houston discuss the legal and ethical issues that govern when officials should avoid accepting gifts and favors and explain what the law says on the issue.

Episode Four: A Day In the Life: Thriving Workplaces

Faculty member Leisha DeHart-Davis discusses effective workplace routines and strategies that keeps employees engaged and motivated.

Episode Five: The Lingo Of Mental Disabilities In NC

Faculty member Mark Botts explains the terminology of different kinds of mental disabilities as well as the organizational structures of mental health.

Episode Six: What’s Your Form Of Government?

Faculty Members Kim Nelson and Carl Stenberg summarize the various forms of local government in North Carolina. These include the prevailing Manager/Council and County Manager forms, and the Mayor/Council form used by some smaller municipal jurisdictions. Listeners will gain a clear understanding of each form, and of the distinct leadership roles and responsibilities in each form.

Episode Seven: Understanding Property Revaluation

Faculty member Kirk Boone describes the basics of property revaluation, what it means for various stakeholders, and the role and responsibilities of local elected leaders during the revaluation process.


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