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PELA classroom

PELA uses a range of interactive and reflective learning experiences, including simulations, case studies, small learning teams, and participant-led discussions. Speakers from universities and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), as well as expert consultants, will lead discussions and share their experiences and insights. Participants will also learn from another valuable resource—each other.


UNC-Chapel Hill Faculty

  Lydian Altman

Senior Manager of Leadership Curriculum Development

Expertise: Strategic planning, community visioning, team building and board development, collaborative relationships, regional cooperation, public sector coaching


  James Johnson

Director, Urban Investment Strategies Center, Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

Expertise: Urban economics, demographics, diversity, entrepreneurship, poverty issues, small business, welfare reform, outsourcing


  Jonathan Morgan

Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government

Expertise: Community and Economic Development, Economic Development, Regional Clusters


  Rick Morse

Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government

Expertise: Public administration; community and regional collaboration; citizen participation; public leadership


  Tyler Mulligan

Associate Professor of Public Law and Government

Expertise: Community development, affordable housing, economic development


  Kim Nelson

Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government

Expertise: Local government form and structure, local government management, public administration, local government innovation


  Carl Stenberg

Professor of Public Administration and Government and Director, Public Executive Leadership Academy  

Expertise: Intergovernmental relations, leadership education and training for public officials, local government management and innovation, public administration, regionalism, strategic planning


  John Stephens

Associate Professor of Public Administration and Government 

Expertise: Inter-agency and public policy dispute resolution, citizen participation, group collaboration and facilitation


Guest Speakers

  John Nalbandian

Professor Emeritus, School of Public Affairs and Administration, University of Kansas

Expertise: High-performance government, contemporary trends in local government, city management, manager-elected official relationships


  Robert J. “Bob” O’Neill Jr.

Fellow, Joseph P. Riley Jr. Center for Livable Communities, College of Charleston; and Former Executive Director, International City/County Management Association

Expertise: Leadership development, council-manager government, leadership, innovation


  Mitchell Sava

Vice President of Innovation and Engagement, North Carolina Museum of Life and Science

Expertise: Innovation management and culture, human-centered design, social and public innovation, innovation and venture labs and accelerators, innovation and entrepreneurship policy


  Mark Weaver

President, Communications Counsel Inc.

Expertise: News media, crisis communications, media law



Public Officials – Local and State Government Roles